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The idea of tawan audio video film has grown since 1994. That's as long as I, Martin Geissmann worked here in Southeast Asia and lives here in the Land of Smiles, Thailand.

During this time, tawan audio video film has researched all the connections and logistical knowledge needed to be a helpful and professional partner for all kinds of film and video productions. Specialized in freelance, on location sound recording, mixing  lighting and light design.

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Our goal is to combine the experience, knowledge, and the special equipment utilized by the Thai freelance production community with those Western standards familiar to international producers and projects, in order to ultimately incorporatethe right aspects of crew, equipment, location, permissions sale and rental services for a successful production experience here in Southeast Asia.

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tawan avf was born in January 2002 here in Bangkok, Thailand. We are a young, dynamic team, with many years of international production experience.

We've designed this website to showcase what we do, and what we try to do. We hope that you'll enjoy it, and that you will come back and watch how we grow in the future.



Martin Geissmann

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